Community Raffle

Community Assistance Raffle (Raffle)

Organised by RCBS this raffle allows Not-For-Profit organisations to sell tickets in this $2.00 per ticket Raffle, and retain 80% of the ticket price ($1.60 per ticket sold). In previous year this raffle was conducted the partner clubs have raised $175,000 in 2020 for themselves. This is a ‘hand-up not a hand-out’.

Previous winner of the Community Assistance Raffle in his new car.

Any not for profit organisation may apply for tickets, although the club reserves the right reject an application or to limit the number of tickets issued to any one group.

Applications for tickets should be made in early December each year as tickets are issued in December for sale by the end of April. Application information can be found here.

The raffle draw will be conducted at Rotary Place at 12 noon on Sunday May 7th 2023.

Raffle Prizes:

1st Prize Honda – CRV-Vi valued at $35,900

2nd Prize Bunnings Voucher valued at $1,000

Raffle Results
The scrutineer of the draw will be Anne Appledore (President – RCBS) and published in the RCBS Website and the Ballarat Courier on Wednesday 11th May 2023.